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by OgreToyBoy
24 Jun 2019 07:08
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Perma-saving items
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Re: Perma-saving items

Greetings, citizens! What do we decide about permanently saving items ? All of items currently are constantly "glowing briefly", i.e. "last a while". Will we face a problem of over-hoarding ? Can you also use this chance to explain how the perma-saving imbued flaming black broadsword that you were ...
by OgreToyBoy
30 Jan 2019 08:35
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: When does...
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Re: When does...

Mim wrote:
gorboth wrote:Looks like it was last night? ... kAndNorwa/

Oh. Damn. The danes won.
Must have been a boring event. How could I have missed it. :D
Shot in the dark... Age?
by OgreToyBoy
08 Oct 2018 07:21
Forum: Game - General
Topic: If the game were nerfed ...
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Re: If the game were nerfed ...

Wich is why... we nuke combat xp O_O That is what I've been saying. Nerf combat xp. Cut 50% or more of our combat xp and you'll see that it will be easier to catch up. The biggest people will still be big in comparison with others. And one other thing, do people vote for what is good for them or fo...
by OgreToyBoy
03 Oct 2018 07:19
Forum: Game - General
Topic: If the game were nerfed ...
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Re: If the game were nerfed ...

Wouldn't it be bad if we are forced to team up at a larger extent?!?
by OgreToyBoy
20 Jun 2018 07:31
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Recent changes to crits and rng
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Re: Recent changes to crits and rng

Bring back old criticals, totally fair and reasonable.
by OgreToyBoy
19 Mar 2018 08:26
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Tharkadan mountain pass open!
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Re: Tharkadan mountain pass open!

Mithril-Bladed Battleaxe always dulled real slow, actually it usually broke before reaching 'fine condition'. Thought options were, non dull or set higher durability. Why we have no non-breaking armours is something I've wondered a long time. Even with insane durability a crit_hit will destroy the a...
by OgreToyBoy
15 Jan 2018 08:32
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The Cult of Chemosh
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Re: The Cult of Chemosh

Nice, let me know when you want me to test-idle the code :)
by OgreToyBoy
08 Jan 2018 13:06
Forum: Common Board
Topic: High Lord of Kalad.
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Re: High Lord of Kalad.

Mim wrote:
Postmaster wrote: Consider yourself warned if you plan to attack the High
Lord again.

Thank you for this warning.
I'm sure that no one will now go there and attack those guards.
Hehe so true.
by OgreToyBoy
14 Dec 2017 13:30
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Gem/Torque Seemingly Unlisted Info
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Re: Gem/Torque Seemingly Unlisted Info

Was a lot worse finding right syntax to ge rid of the torque :)
by OgreToyBoy
10 Nov 2017 13:39
Forum: Game - General
Topic: All things come to an end
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Re: All things come to an end

You got to Myth so essentially you 'won' :)