The Army of Angmar needs a new name.

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Which is more suited?

The Ticklers of Angmar
The Masters of Slow Growth
The Intentionally Held Back Experience Crew
The Buzz Killjoys of the Misty Mountains
The Elephants in the Room
No votes
The Forgotten Plague of old who are now Innoculated
The Unplayable Force of the Lich King
The Snails of Experience
The Masochist Army of Empty Guildhalls
Total votes: 17

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Re: The Army of Angmar needs a new name.

Post by Zugzug » 22 Jul 2019 16:20

nils wrote:
Arman wrote:The right thing to do is implement the global fix. I am not a fan of a temporary solution... and as for priorities for fixing, the AA sit behind rangers and monks.
I respect the notion of introducing global fixes, but when chances are they are delayed by years, not weeks, temporary fixes are rightfully called for until global change is ready. And sure, I agree rangers and monks need fixing, but again - the fix I'm suggesting takes about as much time as it takes to boot whatever FTP-client is used, while Rangers and Monks require massive re-codes lacking manpower (or maybe, for some, will) to do so. Meanwhile, the Army of Angmar suffers needlessly for years.

Again, if you can't spare time to, I can point to someone who can.
Well, in all honesty sometimes temporary ("temporary") fixes like all equipment in the game becoming forever-saving seems like big, phat blunder that was rushed to market and really the game probably would be better off with the original sub-optimal system.

Also, I disagree with you saying that Angmar suffers needlessly, I think giving an evil melee guild a move behind ability was a genius move. It both didn't improve the evil tank guild in question and quelled all talk that "evil melee guilds don't have a tank rotation ability". So keep Angmar sucky and shut up any critics. Two (evil) birds, one stone. There is definitely logic to this madness :)

edit: I came across the actual moment when that idea was suggested:

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Re: The Army of Angmar needs a new name.

Post by Darken Rahl » 27 Jul 2019 12:46

Hilarious names :P

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