The clubs in Genesis are many and varied, giving players the chance to take part in activities that add color and flavor to their lives and their personas. Clubs typically have no leadership structure, does not provide anything at all in terms of skills or power, but instead provide players with numerous special "emote" options and often a club item of some sort.

Most clubs are free to join for all players, but a few have requirements having to do with the specific theme of the club (i.e. a certain age, a certain gender, a certain level of wealth.)


Old Fogies

This is the club of limping, toothless and ill people. Only hobbits, dwarves and humans may become Fogies. The sign of the club is a cane, which recovers after each login. They can be found in the Shire, southwest of Bree.

The Rich Men's Club

Probably the most prestigious club of Genesis - only very rich people are allowed to join and they compete in their wealth. If you can afford a ticket, you can try to reach them by ship from Sparkle.

The Wise Person's Club

This club, based in Solace in the lands of Krynn, is open to any player who has reached 100 days of play. Along with their guild token, which is made of more precious metal the older you get, they have access to the coveted "free emote" ability.

The Performers Club

While the August Order of Minstrels are the eminent entertainers of Genesis, they are not alone in having a love of performing and playing music. In taking up an instrument and songbook at the Minstrels guild hall in Terel, you too may partake in the creation of mundane songs and performing them in establishments across the realms!


Gondor is a land rich in stories and lore. It is appropriate then that they should provide a club for those players who wish to collect and tell the great stories both new and old. This club allows just that, providing members with a storybook they can use to record and relate their tales.

Dancers of the Veil

This female-only club emphasizes the fine art of sensual dance and erotic expression through movement. It can be found in the Bazaar of Sybarus in Avenir.

Mummers of Sybarus

The Mummers of Sybarus is a male-only street-performers club. Entertainment is a vital part of the Sybarite society, and Mummers, Dancers, and other performers play an important role in what some might call "entertaining the masses". Seek membership in Sybarus, within Avenir.

Temptresses of Oenghus

Temptresses are a female-only (no racial restrictions) club that service the Celtic God of love, Oenghus. The club grounds are somewhere east of SaMorgan in Khalakhor, and the members can worship their god there as well as debate on the board. As in case with other clubs, they receive a nice item (bangles) and a set of appropriate emotes.

Participants of the War of the Lance

Eager to join one of the battling armies in the War of the Lance for glory, blood, or spoils? Then make your way to the Langtree Mercenaries Recruitment Office outside the docks of New Ports in Krynn and support either the Free People, the Knights of Solamnia, the dwarven Neidar Clan, or one of the five Dragon Armies of the Queen of Darkness!

Gentlemen's Club

The Nobles of Raumdor have chosen Drakmere as a prime spot to invest in a club for gentlemen. Here, members come to discuss politics and other things of interest. They also enjoy bringing a guest to dine with, taking advantage perhaps of the private dining areas within. Charm and suave behavior are typical among these fellows, who are given the chance to really dress the part.

Ladies Club

A club where ladies of noble families of Raumdor gather for their discussions and leisure time. They share the same meeting place with the Gentlemen's club, but have their own private room in which to conduct their socialite affairs.

Nisse Ohtar

Hidden in Middle Earth this fierce sisterhood of female warriors admits qualified members of any race, as long as they are able to demonstrate their prowess in battle. Due to the size of the camp, membership is said to be limited.

Beggars of Cabal

A club for the new players of Genesis, where you can only stay while you are small. You may beg the bigger fellow adventurers for financial help, and to aid you in that task you given some emotes and a bowl that will always stay with you.

Equestrians of Bree

A Club for all horse lovers, you are given some emotes and a Riding Crop. You need to rent a steed from Bree in order to join.

The Ancients

A community to honor the former Mystics from the Valley of the Ancients. Only those who have been part of this secretive and nearly extinct group know anything about its place or purpose.

Prestigious Knights' Club

This club, based in Krynn, is one that is meant to glorify players who are both good-aligned and active. The more time a player spends in the game, and the higher in good alignment they remain, the higher their title and ranking in the club. The club provides sleeping quarters, and a useful sheath that can be worn either to one's side or along the back.

The Anglers Club

Located in the Palanthas chapter of the Distinguished Hunters and Anglers association is a popular club for those who are fishing enthusiasts. If you enjoy the challenge of trying to catch a sturgeon in an alpine lake, deep sea fishing for a black-backed swordfish, or searching the far depths for a cave characin, this is the club for you!

The Actors Club

The purpose of this club is to further the art of roleplaying in Genesis, and little else. The members will endeavor to keep within their chosen roles in all and everything they do. The club is located outside Sparkle.