The Genesis community is made up of two basic populations - mortals and wizards. The wizards are the developers of the game who create and maintain content. They are a 100% volunteer workforce of talented and hard-working individuals who all have been, or still are, mortal players of the game. Any mortal can apply to become a wizard and help create the game, so Genesis is truly a game that is made by its own players.

Please note that the data below is automatically updated, so if you are curious about who is in charge of what, or need to contact a specifc wizard, you can always check this page and trust that the information is up to date.


Genesis development is lead by the Administration, or Admin, which consists of the Keeper and seven Archwizards, or Arches. The Arches all have different responsibilities, and also have the option to recruit other wizards to their Arch Teams to assist them.

The Keeper
The Keeper, as the name implies, keeps the game on track and defines the policies which concern the overall development of Genesis. The Keeper is also the leader of the Administration, and while most major decisions are made by the Admin as a whole, the Keeper always has final say.

Current Keeper: Cherek.

The Arch of Balance (AoB)
The AoB makes sure that both existing and new content added to the game is properly tested and well-balanced. This includes guilds, quests, items, NPCs and all the numerous systems in Genesis.

Current AoB: Ckrik.

The Arch of Gamedriver (AoG)
The AoG is in charge of maintaining the gamedriver, which is the beating heart of Genesis. That is, the server software that runs the entire game.

Current AoG: Cotillion.

The Arch of Mudlib (AoM)
The AoM controls the Mudlib, which in short can be explained as the thing that defines how the world of Genesis is presented to the players, and how the players interact with the world.

Current AoM: Cotillion.

The Arch of Domains (AoD)
The AoD works as a global project manager and makes sure that any new content added to the game is of high quality. The AoD is also responsible for interviewing wizard applicants and approving new wizards, as well as managing the Lieges (see below).

Current AoD: Cherek.

The Arch of Players (AoP)
The AoP is the link between the mortals and the wizards, and assists players of the game with any questions or issues they may have while also dealing with cheating and other player-related problems.

Current AoP: Mirandus.

The Arch of Code (AoC)
The AoC is the coding wiz of the wizards and the person who helps other wizards with programming issues. The AoC is also the main wizard responsible for monitoring bug logs and fixing bugs.

Current AoC: Tapakah.

The Arch of Events (AoE)
The AoE is responsible for regulating, promoting and coordinating game-wide events, which can be described as one-time special competitions that all mortals can participate in.

Current AoE: Gorboth.


Genesis consists of 15 different areas known as domains, and the Lieges are the wizards in charge of these domains. The Arch of Domains (see above) appoints and manages the Lieges. A Liege can be in charge of one or several domains, and sometimes they also appoint Stewards to assist them in their duties. Below are the current Lieges and Stewards for the various domains.

Genesis main workforce are the wizards simply known as just that - Wizards. Every Wizard belongs to a domain and works under a Liege, but creating Genesis is of course a team effort, and Wizards also often help out where needed and/or join Arch Teams (see above) to assist different Arches. The current Lieges, Wizards and Stewards in Genesis are listed below, and if you are interested in becoming one of them, please use the 'help wizapp' command in the game for more information.

Note: A 16th domain called Liwitch is also listed below. It is unclear if it actually exists or not.

Liege: None.
Members: Mar, Gorboth, Gorboth.

Liege: Mirandus.
Steward: Meton.
Members: Baz.

Liege: Mirandus.
Members: None.

Krynn & Ansalon
Liege: Vitwitch.
Members: Arman, Khorune.

Liege: Greneth.
Members: Elora.

Liege: Nerull.
Members: Znagsnuf.

Liege: Nerull.
Members: Brine, Khaelvarnas.

Gondor & Shire
Liege: Varian.
Members: Raymundo, Mayari, Mona, Asta, Dymlos.

Liege: None.
Members: None.

Liege: None.
Members: None.

Liege: Ckrik.
Members: Gawaine.

Liege: Santetra.
Members: Velith, Ormath.

Liege: Tapakah.
Members: Treacher, Zhar, Sharee, Aeg, Ardine, Mozart.

Liwitch (rumored)
Liege: Styles.
Members: Unknown.

In addition to the 15 areas in the game, there are two other domains wizards can work in. The "Web" domain is the domain for wizards who want to work on developing the Genesis website, game client, and forums. The "Promotion" domain is, as the name implies, the domain for wizards who work on promoting the game.

Liege: Cherek.
Members: None.

Liege: Greneth.
Members: None.

The wizards who run Genesis now were not part of originally creating it back in 1989, and since then several hundreds of different wizards have come and gone, and they have all made both big and small contributions to the current version of the game. Genesis really is one big lovely patchwork created by different people, from different cultures, and different time periods. Something that is very unique in the gaming world.

Wizards who contributed to the game in the past still exist in the form of Retired Wizards, they can still log in, but cannot access any information until they decide to return to active duty. Finally, there are the Mages, which is an exclusive wizard rank bestowed only upon those who have made a substantial contribution to the game during their time as wizards.

Thank you all Retired Wizards and Mages for your contributions to the wonderful world that we call Genesis!