Guilds are organizations that exist in the various realms of Genesis that give players the opportunity to affiliate themselves with a particular role or purpose in life. It is through guild membership that other players will primarily view you either as a friend or an enemy. It is also by joining guilds that you will be given the majority of your abilities in the game, be they for combat, magic, or adventuring.

There are five different types of guilds in Genesis: Occupational Guilds, Layman Guilds, Race Guilds, Craft Guilds and Clubs. Players can join only one of each of the first four guild types, but can join as many clubs as they like.

Be an honorable knight, a bold thief, a sneaky ranger or anyone else you can imagine. Genesis has over 60 unique guilds and clubs to choose from.

An occupational guild is an organization that provides you with a profession. Occupational guilds usually have the most restrictions and requirements to join, but also provide the greatest benefits. Some occupational guilds you can simply walk up and join, but most have some sort of application process. Penalties can also exist upon joining or leaving certain occupational guilds, and are typically made known prior to becoming a member.


Cadets of Gelan

For the beginning adventurer, learning the ways of battle is often the most useful first step. As such, the Gelan Schools have for many years offered combat training to those students who wish to learn.

Xorfin, the old battle master, will give fresh recruits a chance to learn useful combat skills and a very effective special attack to help bring down enemies faster. The guild also features typically well-stocked weapon and armour racks, and the companionship of fellow warriors.

Type: Occupational & Layman.
Location: Gelan, Calia.

Academy of Elemental Arts

Those who would try their hand at the ways of magic are welcome to sign on at this Academy in Calia, entering the dormitories of the many students of the Academy of Elemental Arts, where the powers of the elements are introduced to pupils industrious and hard-working enough to bend these powers to their will.

Be advised, that learning to work with magic is never an easy path, but for those who are dedicated, the rewards are many indeed.

Type: Occupational & Layman.
Location: Gelan, Calia.


School of High Magic

Sponsored by the secretive Orders of High Sorcery, this private school sitting on the edge of the Crystalmir Lake north of Solace is where you can begin your life as an apprentice, learning the fundamentals of magic that will be the cornerstone of your career as a wizard.

The school teaches the six arcane spell forms - transmutation, illusion, divination, enchantment conjuration, and abjuration, as well as the four primary elemental spell skills - fire, earth, air, and water.

Type: Occupational.
Location: North of Solace, Krynn.

Priests of Takhisis

When Takhisis the Queen of Darkness returned to Krynn after the Cataclysm, her evil priesthood began to flourish. Worshipped by the Dragon Highlords, ogres, the goblin races, the draconian armies, and some despicable humanoids, these priests serve as their mistress's eyes and ears, alert to any opportunity to further the goddess's ambitions of conquest. In return, these priests are granted dark magical powers.

Type: Occupational & Layman.
Location: Neraka, Taman Busuk, Ansalon.

Morgul Mages

Death awaits all who would seek the will of the Dark Lord, Sauron the Great! And yet, those who seek to serve him pay this price willingly, sacrificing themselves to his all-consuming will. In return, they come to know the darkest of magical arts, overseen by the dread Nazgul who answer to none but the Black Master in the East and their Lord, the King of Minas Morgul, the mighty Witchking of Old!

Type: Occupational & Layman.
Location: Minas Morgul, Gondor.

Wizards of High Sorcery

There is a pivotal point for practitioners of magic where they must make the decision of remaining a dabbler in the arcane or dedicate themselves to the path of High Sorcery.

Those who dedicate themselves to magic make the journey to the Tower of Wayreth, where the Test awaits them. No simple trial of magical ability - the Test challenges a wizard's spirit and potential, their strengths and weaknesses, and reveals the true nature of each aspirant.

For those who fail the Test, death is the only outcome. Those who pass earn the honor of wielding High Sorcery, and nothing will ever be the same.

Type: Occupational & Layman.
Location: Wayreth Forest, Krynn.

The Elemental Clerics

The Clerics of the Circle are in the service of the Five, the Elementals that reign over Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. We are the guardians of secrets and the shepherds of lost souls. All souls are precious to the Five, and guidance will be granted to every soul who seeks it with an open and honest heart.

The Clerics are called forth by the Five to oppose those who seek to break the Balance of the Cycle, by ensnaring the Soul into Undeath.

If you are found worthy, we may provide you the gift of our radiant strength, our immaculate comfort, and our luminous insight.

Type: Occupational & Layman & optional Race.
Location: Elemental Temple, Calia.


Army of Angmar, Occupational Branch

In ancient times, the Lord of the Nazgul raised a mighty army of warriors in the Realm of Angmar in Middle-Earth. These warriors were dreadful butchers, raining terror on the folk of Westernesse at the behest of their dread Witchking.

Thought defeated for many generations of man and elves, the old tribes have come together once again to raise their war banners anew. Hoist your mighty club and shield with them if you dare, and take up their infamous battle cry: Angmar! ANGMAR! ANGMAR!!!

You may join the army in either an occupational or layman capacity, and the skills taught vary depending on your choice.

Type: Occupational or Layman.
Location: Misty Mountains, Shire.

Army of Darkness

At the feet of the Blackwall Mountains in Emerald there grows a force of destruction and despair that has come to plague the lands, preying on the weak and helpless. Here be the Ogres, mightiest of all who walk the face of Genesis. Huge, hulking, ever on the hunt in their endless quest for skulls to please their dark masters, monstrous are they!

Type: Occupational & Race.
Location: Blackwall Mountains, Emerald.

Calian Warriors

The Calian Warriors are fighters specializing in team tactics. Sworn to the cause of Caliana, an ancient heroine, they tend to roam the lands in packs. Their home is a palace on top of Mount Kyrus, and you will often find them in the foothills, organizing raiding parties against their main enemies - the krougs. From time to time the krougs strike back, descending upon the Crystalline Palace in droves.

In battle, members usually separate into two groups and use outflanking maneuvers. One group tackles the enemy head-on with the intent to force the opponent to open their guard while the other attacks from the rear with long, stabbing weapons, exploiting the opponent's distracted defences.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Mt. Kyrus, Calia.

Dwarven Warriors of the Neidar Clan

Also known as hill dwarves, this clan of dwarves have settled the lands of Krynn since leaving the mountain kingdom of Thorbardin. One particular clan resides in the foothills of Estwilde, the rugged land south of Kalaman.

The dwarven warriors of the Neidar Clan are mighty with axe and hammer and also are particularly skilled at gritting their teeth and absorbing tremendous amounts of damage.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Iron Delving, Estwilde, Ansalon.

Dragonarmies of Ansalon

When the Dark Queen returned to Krynn, as did her fell children dragons. In preparation for Her war of conquest, these dragons formed an unholy alliance with wicked men, and thus the Dragonarmies were formed.

Both the Blue and the Red wing of the army have set up camp in the fiery city of Sanction, where hopeful recruits flock to join either the Blue Dragon Highlord Kitiara, or Highlord Ariakas who commands the Red Dragonarmy.

Soldiers of the Blue wing are skilled swordsmen and women while the Red warriors prefer to use polearms in battle. Both are able to summon dragons to aid them in combat and transport them to the various battlegrounds around Krynn.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Sanction, Taman Busuk, Ansalon.

Gladiators of Athas

The Gladiators of Athas are the great duelists of a doomed land. They live and die in the arenas that dot Cirath, ears ringing with screams. Screams of the bloodthirsty crowds, fallen opponents, and their own. Some say that most gladiators even hear their own death scream, echoed in their worst nightmares.

The gladiators are brutal axe-using warriors able to go berserk and wreak havoc at anything or anyone in their path. Do you have what it takes to prove your worth in the legendary Arena of Athas?

Type: Occupational.
Location: Tyr, Cirath.

Knights of Solamnia

Solamnic Knights champion the cause of justice and honor. They follow a strict code of honor called the Oath and the Measure, which they enforce with their lives.

Three distinct orders form the Solamnic Knights: Knights of the Crown, Knights of the Sword, and Knights of the Rose. The Solamnic knights are skilled with sword and lance as well as mounted combat. At present the knights are based within Vingaard Keep, Solamnia.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Vingaard, Solamnia, Ansalon.

The Free Mercenary Guild

This collection of diverse individuals has little more than a loose dedication with one another, each alike only in that they desire to remain true to their own purposes.

All Mercenaries are taught a unique skill that allows them to boost any other skill beyond their actual level, and these masters of adaptation will often affiliate themselves with other guilds, perhaps for coin or the profit of powerful companionship.

Membership is free to all who wish to have no master but themselves, and the Mercenaries are proficient in all weapon types except for bow and arrow.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Sparkle.

Order of the Dragon, Occupational Branch

The Order resides in a monastery in the mountains near Sparkle and has two branches, layman and occupational. Members of both branches are martial art experts who can find the weak spot in any enemy's defence and use it to strike quickly. However the powerful and stunning solar plexus punch is granted only to occupational members.

The Order is a neutral guild, so one can find both light and dark monks in the monastery. Player killing without provocation is strongly prohibited and newbies will find that most of monks are very helpful. But beware! Be polite and speak with respect, or the dragon's wrath will fall upon you.

Type: Occupational or Layman.
Location: In the mountains southwest of Sparkle.

Union of the Warriors of Shadow

The Union are a school of warriors that were originally founded to be the elite guard for the royalty of Sybarus City in Avenir, and have since branched out to form their own Union, almost a cult even, based on pride, dignity, grace, and purity.

The guildhall was originally in Sybarus City, but repeated attempts by Infidel revolutionaries to destroy it forced it to move 'underground', thus making it somewhat difficult to find.

A quest is given to those who are approved for entry. When it is solved, and if the player is not a goblin or dwarf (races which are seen as too clumsy to be a proper member), the player can then join the Union.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Somewhere in Avenir.


Secret Society of Uncle Trapspringer

For those kender who are struck with wanderlust and plan to adventure out into the world with their trusty hoopak, this society teaches a kender all the tricks of the handlers trade from borrowing to taunting!

Kenders can of course only fight with a hoopak, but can learn how to alter almost any polearm to a hoopak, and use it to sling pebbles at their (for some unknown and unfair reason) many enemies.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Kendermore, Ansalon.

Ansalon Elvish Archers, Occupational Branch

Protecting the forest kingdom of Qualinesti are the little known and rarely seen elven archers. While of course unrivalled in their skill with the bow the elven archers are also skilled rangers.

You may join the archers in either a layman or occupational capacity, with abilities matching your choice.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Qualinesti, Ansalon.

Fire Knives

This brotherhood of assassins secretly operate from somewhere in the lands of Faerun, ending the dreams for peasants, nobles, lords and occasionally kings in exchange for coin.

They are known for utilizing deadly blades searing with mysterious alchemical flames in their lethal ambushes and assassinations, and one would be wise to never cross their path if life is to be valued.

Prospects for this brotherhood should expect harsh conditions and rigorous testing of which many the life will end.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Somewhere in Faerun.

Rangers of the Westlands

The Rangers are a fighting force dedicated to defending the Free Peoples of Middle-earth from goblins, orcs, trolls and all of the other forces of evil.

Originally descended from only the noblest ranks of the Dunedain, the Rangers now accept representatives of all the Free Peoples, human, dwarf, hobbit, elf and even half-elf, fighting on behalf of Gondor, seeking to liberate both Ithilien and Arnor from the minions of the Dark Lord.

Those who join the Rangers can learn how to use different weapons, including the sword, polearms and the bow. They also learn how they can use herbs to brew powerful potions, or how to call for the blessings of the Valar to aid in their patrols and to defend and heal not only themselves but others of pure heart.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Somewhere in Gondor.

Vampires of Faerun

Extremely elusive in nature, these undead creatures are highly specialized in infiltrating the various cultures of the living while remaining dead to the world. Siphoning the coppery nectar from the veins of the living, these dreadful creatures are considered a blight and a menace to the society.

The path of the vampire leads toward great power but also great danger, and it is primarily a guild for older experienced players that have very persistent and patient minds.

It is rumoured that every vampire starts out as a nomad, or alone, and it's up to the vampire to carve his or her own path towards success or demise.

Only humans with no layman or racial affiliation may become a Vampire Spawn.

Type: Layman/racial first, then occupational as well.
Location: Initially in Faerun.