There are many ways that you can help to promote Genesis. Some require a bit of effort, but many are so easy there is no reason not to do them right away! The more people who participate in doing these things, the more players we will attract.


The best way to make an immediate impact is to donate real money using our Patreon Page. The money we raise through our patreon page will be exclusively used for promotion, and mainly for paid ads. This is the easiest way to attract new players and every donation helps, no matter how big or small it is.


Simple things you can do
- Use the social media buttons on the bottom of this webpage to share Genesis with your friends.

- Give us an awesome review and a 5-star rating on the Google Chrome Store.

- Give us an awesome review and a 5-star rating on the Microsoft Store.

- Join and participate in the discussions on the offical Forums, Discord Server and in the Genesis Facebook Group.

- Create a direct link to the Genesis homepage on any sites you are able to.

- Join the discussion about MUDs on Reddit, and let the people there know about Genesis.

- Post the URL and talk about your enthusiasm for Genesis on any forums, blogs, or other types of web-hosted communities you are involved with.

Begin spreading the word about Genesis to friends, co-workers, etc. We have a very newbie friendly webpage to show them, so you don't even have to explain what a MUD is. Just send them here

These things seem small, but if everyone does them, the compound effect can be very powerful, indeed. Take a minute and do as many of these things as you can. Genesis thanks you!

The paper campaign
We have developed materials that you can download and distribute in communities around your city or town.

The materials

Intended for ongoing display in some location or to be given to an individual.

Version of the above poster. Don't forget to prepare it by cutting along the lines.

Flyer A  Flyer B
High resolution 4x5 inch flyers that printed.

Print these out on heavy cardstock, laminate if possible, cut into separate bookmarks, and place them in libraries, coffee shops, etc.

Business Cards
Print these out on medium cardstock, cut into separate cards, and distribute liberally to anyone who'll take 'em!

Instructions for distribution

Download the material you need and print them out using the best possible equipment at your disposal. Distribute the materials in the best locations you can reach in your RL cities and towns. Go get 'em!