There is lots of information about Genesis and MUDS to be found outsite this website, and here we have gathered a number of links to useful resources.


The official Genesis forums
The official forums is the best place to discuss everything Genesis. To keep spam out, only validated Genesis players can post on the forums, but registration is quick and simple.

The Genesis Facebook group
The Facebook group is also a very good place to discuss Genesis, and we also post news about various in-game events and happenings in the group. It's a must-join for any Genesis player with a Facebook account.

Genesis on Discord
Join us on our official Genesis Discord server and discuss Genesis with both players and wizards (developers). You can also find a lot of player-created resources about the game over there.

Genesis on Google Chrome Store
This is the place where most new players find Genesis. Feel free to give us a really nice 5-star review, as good reviews help our rank and visibility.

Genesis on Twitter
Follow Genesis on Twitter to receive news about what's happening in the game.

Our wikipedia entry
Check out our wikipedia entry and learn more about the game and the history of Genesis and MUDs in general.

The quest orbs online
Questing in Genesis can be hard, and that's why a group of players created this website, containing a a huge list of Genesis quests information and hints. Please note that this is not an official website, and that information found here is completely based on the knowledge of the players that contributed.

Genesis maps
This set of maps created by an unknown player will provide very useful when your in-game magic map goes black because you enter an area that is not yet mapped. Please note that some maps may not be entirely correct since the world of Genesis has changed since the maps were created, but they are still very helpful when you're trying to find a specific place.

The MUD subreddit
The section about MUDs on Reddit is one of the most active places on the Internet to discuss MUDs. In January 2017 Genesis won their "Mud of the Month" award.

The MUD connector
One of the oldest forums about MUDs that is still active.

Top MUD sites
Vote for Genesis on this site that collects and ranks various MUDs based on votes.