Race guilds are meant to provide a background, family history, or particular roleplay options to a specific race in the game. In some cases a race guild will allow players to transform into a sub-race of their original race such as half-elf or minotaur. Race guilds generally give little to no additional power to a player, and are mainly meant to provide flavor and character development.

Most race guilds are walk-up-and-join. Even so, a few require some vouching on the part of an existing member. All race guilds require the player to be of the correct race type to join.


The Traveller's Guild

In the early days of Genesis no human racial guilds existed. However, when the elves, who had long been under the shadow of the humans, realized the strength that numbers bring, they formed the Wildrunner Guild.

This guild was a first in Genesis, and sharing this common link of their racial guild, the elves aided one another and quickly usurped the mantle of power that had been shared by a few humans.

Saddened by their loss of powers the great wizard Varl gathered together a few trusty humans and set up a Guild for all humans in the small village of Cove. This Guild was off the beaten track, and it took many people a long time to find, but this did not matter, as it was a Guild of Travellers. When the village of Cove was destroyed, the guild moved to Gont, capital of Earthsea.

Type: Race.
Location: Gont City, Earthsea.

The Amazons

The Amazons are a band of semi-nomadic female warriors originally from the areas around Argos in East Calia.

In the language of the Argosians, 'a' (privative) and 'masso' touch, implies "not touching men". A-masso then evolved into Amazon, and the band of female warriors who left their home and wandered into Argos became known as Amazons of the Silent Forest.

Type: Race (female only).
Location: Silent Forest, Calia.

Clans of Khalakhor

The Clans of Khalakhor offer a chance for humans to roleplay a Celt. They will obtain a Celtic name and background, and gain the colors associated with the Clan they choose to join.

Type: Race.
Location: Sa Morgan, Khalakhor.

Holy Order of Thanar

The Holy Order of Thanar is based on the theme of human supremacy fostered by the deity known as Thanar. Thanar fosters himself as the patron god of humanity, and as such has followers who share his outlook on life. This race guild provides a roleplaying option for those humans with an evil bent, or for those that simply don't like non-humans.

The emotes and titles of the guild all reflect the guild theme of human supremacy and immorality at the cost of the other races' well being. The guild is located beneath the city of Kabal, since it is considered illegal by the Kabal authorities.

Type: Race.

Location: Kabal City, Kalad.

The Dunedain

The Dunedain are superior to other humans in body, mind and spirit. They are tall, dark-haired and grey-eyed, and are blessed with long life. All of the Dunedain possess great wisdom and foresight, and speak both Adunaic and the language of the elves.

The City of Pelargir was founded by the Dunedain, and their Halls and histories are located there. The Halls of the Dunedain offer training in several skills including herbalism, spellcraft, and trading.

The Dunedain are proud of their heritage, and are divided into Houses representing the family lines, and devoted to each family's unique heritage and role in history. The Lord or Lady of each House is responsible for the history of each House, setting the policies therein, and verifying the claims of blood ties for those wanting to declare publically their Dunedain heritage.

The Dunedain have a diverse membership, where some houses pledge loyalty to Sauron and others will only accept those who oppose the Dark Lord.

Type: Race.
Location: Pelargir, Gondor.


Wild Elves

The Wild Elves are a racial guild based out of Faerie and is one of the oldest racial guilds in the game. The guild has no alignment restrictions, but good aligned elves are distinguished as Wildrunners whereas evil players are known as Deathstalkers.

Type: Race.
Location: Green Oaks, Faerie, Sparkle.

Noldor of Imladris

The Noldor are one of the great families of elves in Arda. They were more numerous in ages past, but those that remain dwell in the hidden valley of Imladris. Protected by the power of Elrond, the elves peacefully reside, keeping watch for the evil that grows daily.

Type: Race.
Location: Eriador, Shire.

Drow of Underdark

The drow are historically chaotic evil and follow the Spider Queen, Lolth. She demands that the drow follow her absolutely. Most of them do, but there are some who have broken free from her and follow their own hearts, and there are even drows that consider themselves good-aglined. These renegade drow follow other deities.

The drow are a matriarchal society where males are considered inferior and female elves rule absolutely. The guild is also set up this way as it is broken own into houses that are all ruled by females.

Type: Race.
Location: Somewhere in Faerun.


Tribes of the Red Fang

The Red Fang come at night, riding wolves into Kabal, destroying the humans, and freeing their goblin brothers from slavery. Lead by the feared and notorious General, Brutakis, they have no mercy. They have sworn, upon their common goblin lood, to never give up until the humans have paid for their crimes.

Type: Race.
Location: Kalad Waste, Kalad.


This is a race guild for goblins. It is the first race guild ever opened in Genesis. It was initially kept as simple as possible, but inevitably extra features were added as time passed. Guild membership mainly includes a set of titles, a guild item, and a number of goblinish emotions that are useful to annoy other races with.

Type: Race.
Location: Blackwall Mountains, Emerald.


Adventuresome Hobbits

Most hobbits would rather spend time discussing their lineage, eating cakes, and smoking pipes than just about anything else. These hobbits are no different - they love that too, but, strangely, these hobbits have developed an appetite for adventures beyond their own lands.

Join with these good-natured fellows and you can declare you family and get that most beloved tool of any proper halfling - your pipe!

Type: Race.
Location: Michel Delving, Shire.

The Halflings of Faerun

Is it a hobbit? Is it a halfling? It can be quite hard to tell, but if you do know you truly are a halfling and not a hobbit, you can find a home, and claim a surname if you want, in Faerun.

Halflings are very similar to hobbits in many ways as they also tend to enjoy food, a nice pipe, music, and so on. However, there are exceptions, so there is no requirement to be of good align to be a halfling.

Type: Race.
Location: Faerun.


The Rockfriends

Every Dwarf is welcome, and if you join you will be granted the right to train your skill in the art of combat with axes or clubs to the level of superior journeyman.

Dwarves are also known to be able to stand booze rather well. With the increase of your level within the guild, you shall notice that you can drink more liquor before you get completely obliviated.

Type: Race.
Location: Blue Mountains, Shire.


Gnomish Inventors

The inventors are a group of gnomes based in the hills to the east of Solace. These gnomes place great faith in their machines, and strive at the constant improvement of their gadgets.

Because of their constant tinkering, Inventors are able to uncover information about items (including magical items) far more readily than most.

Type: Race.
Location: Solace, Abanasinia, Ansalon.


Houses of Eil-Galaith

The guild accepts all elves of good align to join them and claim a ouse name, and they may also become half-elf when choosing a surname. Humans, too, may join, becoming half-elf in the process.

Type: Race (for humans and elves).
Location: Galaith Isle, Khalakhor.

Orcs of Middle Earth

Through dark sorcery an elf body changes into the twisted orcish form, provided that the elf is evil enough. These orcs are a lawless pack from all corners of Middle-Earth, holding no allegiance other than whatever the individual member claims. Naturally, members f the goblin race may join as well.

Type: Race. (for goblins and elves)
Location: Misty Mountains, Shire.

The Krynn Race Guild

In the Great Library in Palanthas all the information about the races, families, tribes, and regions of Krynn is available.

People can inform themselves about each type, and it is possible for each race, except gnomes and hobbits, to affiliate themselves with a certain region, family, or tribe by claiming the heritage. This provides them with a last name and a family name, or one of the two if they prefer.

The library also contains information for those who wish to be transformed into a hobgoblin or minotaur, and curious hobbits might be able to figure out how to become a kender.

Type: Race. (for all races except gnomes)
Location: Palanthas, Solamnia, Ansalon.