Layman guilds provide an opportunity to pursue a side-interest to your true occupation. These guilds may provide additional powers, skills, and abilities, but are considerably reduced from what would be expected from occupational membership. Some occupational guilds offer a layman option for minor-affiliation or service. The theme of a layman guild is usually not intended to overshadow the role a player has chosen occupationally.

Application to a layman guild can range from walk-up-and-join to very rigorous vetting at the hands of the guild leaders. Penalties for leaving tend to be considerably less than in an occupational guild.


Warlocks Of Faerun

In the promise of power and knowledge, some mortals dare to cross the regular moral threshold. By willingly binding themselves to powerful entities such as archfiends, archfeys, and other alien entities beyond the comprehension of man, they harvest powers unknown, most not even heard of in the Candlekeep library or elsewhere with possibly the exception of the rarest and viles of hidden and forgotten tomes.

But beware! For the access of such magic, the warlocks may sometimes be caught and burned at the stake in most villages and towns along the Swordcoast. And rightfully so, for it is rumoured that their masters demand some of the vilest and most gruesome sacrifices. It is assumed that for the knowledge earned, they must even pay a heavier price.

Type: Layman.
Location: Mere of Dead Men, Faerun.

Holy Order of the Stars

The Holy Order of the Stars is a fledgling order of disciples following the 'Old Gods' of Krynn who have been absent from Krynn for almost 350 years.

With the discovery of the Disks of Mishakal and the conversion of the charismatic ex-slave of Pax Tharkas and Highseeker Elistan, the faith is in its early stages of rebirth... still translating the teachings of the Disks, with no established institution to support them.

Readings of the Disks have revealed the teachings of three of the Gods of Good - Mishakal the Light Bringer, Kiri-Jolith the god of righteous war, and Branchala the Bard King.

Those who wish to join must seek out Elistan, be of good alignment and not of a goblinoid race.

Type: Layman.
Location: In the Tharkadan Mountains, Krynn.

Elemental Worshippers of Calia

Members of this guild revere the four elemental gods Pyros, Aeria, Diabrecho and Gu. Like the elements themselves they are unaligned, and all are welcome to worship at their temple, perched above the beautiful Calian coastline. However, Being accepted into this close-knit group is said to be harder than in most other layman guilds.

Type: Layman.
Location: Elemental Temple, Calia.

Heralds of the Valar

The Heralds receive their gifts from the Valar, the fourteen spirits that entered Arda to give order to the world and fight the growing evil. The Heralds accept anyone from the races created by Eru Illuvatar; elves, half-elves, hobbits, and humans.

Those who wish to join must be of good alignment and are granted spells to take care of themselves and the world of Arda. Often seen with the Rangers, the Heralds also protect the Free People, including the Hobbits of the Shire.

Type: Layman.
Location: Northwestern Shire.

The Minstrels

The August Order of Minstrels, as you have probably guessed from the title, is a bardic guild. Our Muses, those divine arbiters of music, have blessed us with many powers both offensive and defensive. Even in death itself does our potent music aid us.

All may aspire to join our ranks. Come, humans and elves, hobbits and dwarves, gnomes and goblins. Come all and march under the banner of the Muses.

Type: Layman.
Location: Dabaay, Terel.


Cabal of Hiddukel

Had your purse strings cut? Chances are you were preyed on by a shadowy thief! Rumors are that there is a secret Cabal of these rogues near Palanthas, but beyond that their hideout is a well-kept secret.

Type: Layman.
Location: Hidden in Solamnia, Ansalon.


The Tricksters are a secretive bunch who love pulling pranks on others. They are open to almost anyone but must remain generally neutral as they don't have time to be caught up in personal agendas.

Type: Layman.
Location: Bree, Shire.

Ansalon Elvish Archers, Layman Branch

Protecting the forest kingdom of Qualinesti are the little known and rarely seen elven archers. While of course unrivalled in their skill with the bow the elven archers are also skilled rangers.

You may join the archers in either a layman or occupational capacity, with abilities matching your choice.

Type: Layman.
Location: Qualinesti, Ansalon.


Army of Angmar, Layman Branch

In ancient times, the Lord of the Nazgul raised a mighty army of warriors in the Realm of Angmar in Middle-Earth. These warriors were dreadful butchers, raining terror on the folk of Westernesse at the behest of their dread Witchking.

Thought defeated for many generations of man and elves, the old tribes have come together once again to raise their war banners anew. Hoist your mighty club and shield with them if you dare, and take up their infamous battle cry: Angmar! ANGMAR! ANGMAR!!!

You may join the army in either an occupational or layman capacity, and the skills taught vary depending on your choice.

Type: Layman or Occupational.
Location: Misty Mountains, Shire.

Pirates of the Bloodsea

Enjoy the plunder of the High Seas? Willing to raid both merchant and dragonarmy ships? Then a pirate's life on the Bloodsea is for you!

Sail your pirate ship from your cove on the isle of Mithas to Kalaman, raiding and marauding the coastline. Learn defensive tricks of combat while drinking down many bottles of fine pirate brew!

Type: Layman.
Location: Mithas, Ansalon.

Order of the Dragon, Layman Branch

The Order resides in a monastery in the mountains near Sparkle and has two branches, layman and occupational. Members of both branches are martial art experts who can find the weak spot in any enemy's defence and use it to strike quickly. However the powerful and stunning solar plexus punch is granted only to occupational members.

The Order is a neutral guild, so one can find both light and dark monks in the monastery. Player killing without provocation is strongly prohibited and newbies will find that most of monks are very helpful. But beware! Be polite and speak with respect, or the dragon's wrath will fall upon you.

Type: Layman or Occupational.
Location: In the mountains southwest of Sparkle.

Throtyl Raiders

The tribes of the Stormshire Forest gather to the call of Mwarg, and hobgoblins now swarm the moors of Throtyl. The drums of war beat loudly.

The Throtyl Raiders are a fighters guild of bloodthirsty hunters in a world of many sheep yet few shepherds.

Evil goblins, men, ogres, drow and other monstrosities flock to join the Throtyl Raiders, who look with avarice to the rich farmlands of Solamnia to the west and the rumoured wealth of the hill dwarves to the north.

Type: Layman.
Location: East Keep, south of Throtyl Gap, Krynn.

Shieldbearers of Iron Delving

It is commonly known that the most favorite fighting style of the occupational Neidar Clan guild consists of using an axe (or a mace) and a shield. While most people use shields only for defending themselves, dwarven warriors have mastered the skill of bashing their opponents to gain advantage in combat.

However, while the Neidar Clan creates quite a tight structure, open only for their own kin, the Shieldbearers sometimes teach the trick to the Clan's good and trusted friends, and it is not a rare sight to see a gnome or even kender (!) running with a shield slung over their back.

Type: Layman.
Location: Iron Delving, Estwilde, Ansalon.

Thornlin Militia

The Militia use polearms to be able to defend themselves and their lands from whatever comes along, whether it be a wild boar or a band of brigands on horseback.

Because they are a town militia and not a branch of the army of Gondor, they do not have anything much in the way of hierarchy or internal politics. However, one must not fall under the influence of Sauron, and no orcs, hobgoblins, trolls or other foul races need apply.

It is possible to join the militia in either an occupational or layman capacity, but please note that the occupational option only offers layman level of power. This is a rare concept in Genesis, but allows players the option to roleplay a citizen of Thornlin as their primary occupation even though it is not a very powerful option.

Type: Layman or Occupational.
Location: Thornlin, Gondor

Blademasters of Khalakhor

The Blademasters is a society of sword-users that has existed, in one form or another, for hundreds of years. There is no one place they call home, there is no one cause they defend. Anyone from the foulest murderer to the holiest warrior may rightfully claim their title, as long as they are among the best with a sword.

Type: Layman.
Location: Hidden, Khalakhor.

Saurians of Kalad

Deep beneath the lands of Kalad lives an ancient race known as the Saurians. The first race of Kalad, they supported and nourished the other races who came later. The humans took advantage of their assistance, thriving, and then turned on the Saurians and all other races, forcing them out of the fertile lands that are now the city of Kabal.

The Saurians thrived, grew, and are ready to return and bring vengeance to the Humans of Kalad. Learn to fight with claws, be protected by a scaly skin, and have eyes that can adapt to natural darkenss.

Any race can claim their ancestry as a Saurian so long as they find the guild and complete a task.

Type: Layman & Racial.
Location: Beneath the Desert of Kalad.

Bloodsea Minotaurs

Proud and arrogant, these brutish warriors respect little except strength. These powerful creatures can use their deadly horns in battle, and are quite capable with axe and club as well. They are also skilled sailors, and are able to navigate the seas like a seasoned mariner.

The kingdom of minotaurs is based on the isle of Mithas, and it is here minotaurs may re-unite themselves with their kin.

Type: Layman.
Location: Mithas, Ansalon.

Templars of Takhisis

The Templar Knights of Takhisis are a band of warriors loyal to the Dark Queen of Krynn and Her Priesthood. Anyone except Kender may join, if their heart is black enough.

Although any may become Warriors of Takhisis, only those selected by the Lord Templar, his Officers, or the Priesthood of Takhisis may receive the honor of being made a Templar Knight - and enjoy the special respect and recognition that comes with it.

The abilities learned by Templars are focused on dealing and avoiding melee damage in combat.

Type: Layman.
Location: Neraka, Taman Busuk, Ansalon.