Genesis exists as a massive toroid (donut-shaped) world covered by a vast ocean that contains not only many large continents but many smaller landmasses as well. These different areas of the world are known as Domains - each with its own inhabitants, history, lore, and laws of nature.

The first parts of Genesis were created almost 30 years ago and the world constantly grows and changes, making it almost a living thing.

The main city with the same name as the domain is rather modest in size, however thanks to it's strategic location right smack in the middle of the world, countless of ships always make a stop at the busy docks of Sparkle, creating a bustling meeting place filled with life. Powerful magic resides within the city and adventure lurks outside its boundaries. Be steadfast and brave as these lands help prepare you for a future full of wonder!

The relentless sun beats down on you as you explore these inhospitable lands. In the east stands the great city state of Tyr where Gladiators fight to the death in a bloodstained arena, Templars ruthlessly enforce the law and unruly mobs seethe with rebellion. All the while the mad sorcerer-king Kalak plots his ascension to godhood. To the south rumors tell of bandit encampments hidden amongst the endless sand dunes, whilst westwards a caravan route snakes its way into the Kalad wastes.

You carefully fill up your water bottles as you leave the city of Tyr behind and follow the Caravan Route westwards. Through the Kalad Waste, past great sand dunes, acrid salt flats and surprisingly lush grasslands. West, until you reach Kabal - the largest city in Genesis and always bustling with life, intrigue and adventure.

Travel the southern continent of Krynn where elves, draconians, dwarves, and even minotaurs live close together. Venture into the fortress of Pax Tharkas or traverse the plains of Abanasinia, then end your day by visiting the town of Solace and enjoy a taste of Otik's famous potato dishes. There are many mysteries to unlock as you discover new locations and unique characters, but in these parts of the world it's also impossible to not care about the ongoing war painting the lands as red as the Bloodsea.

Travel a world plagued by constant conflicts between warring factions. Immerse yourself in magnificent cities like Palanthas and Neraka or lurk in the shadows, carving your own destiny under your terms. Find the hero within as you battle creatures of both might and magic. Conquer the plains of war for your guild or your gods and change the fate of Krynn. Oh, and dragons... lots of dragons.

The cycle of life is eternal in a land created by the Elementals, and thanks to their servants it usually enjoys peace and prosperity. However the undead infest remote and pitchy corners, dark temples are hidden within woods and armies are preparing for invasion. Moors, seas, forests, old ruins, cities and villages, all waiting to be explored. Ride a chariot, create experimental potions, kiss a frog, find an underwater city. Go there and do it now.

A dark, dismal and sullen land, Raumdor lures adventurers and explorers with its enticing mystery. The Forest of Shadows, a place where your wildest nightmares come alive, dominates the area. And in the midst of it all stands the shining city of Drakmere - mankind's last hope of survival against the onslaught of the undead hordes.

Before you at the foot of Neverwinter City are a few carefree farms, lovely flower gardens and hidden orchards. Help protect these peaceful lands from lizardmen and bullywugs in the nearby swamplands, or for the truly brave or fool hearted, descend into the Underdark, home of the drow - and worse.

Travel along the Great East road through the Shire - a land of simple joys. Good ale, great food, and gardens expertly tended. Its hobbit inhabitants blissfully unaware of the dangerous orc camps forming near the Brandywine River. Explore the foreboding Barrow Downs and the Old Forest or dine at the famous Prancing Pony in Bree. With a full belly then continue your journey east, through the Midgewater and Trollshaws, past the safe haven of Rivendell and towards the Misty Mountains. The road goes ever on.

Explore the greatest realm of men in Middle Earth. From the bustling ports of Pelargir through the farms of Thornlin, to the towering City of Minas Tirith and the nearby Ruins of Osgiliath. Dare you cross the river into the dangerous battlegrounds of Ithilien and Mordor or would you rather continue north to the plains of Rohan and the Entwash? Either way won't be safe. Far from it.

The lands of Terel offer a vast amount of thrills and experience needed to be a veteran adventurer. Brace yourself for the cold and dangerous snow cowered wilderness in the north, and then prepare yourself for adventure as you enter the legendary Mansion - and what lies beneath, because danger always lurk in edges beyond Terel's natural beauty. Trolls hunger for blood, the Legion yearns for flesh and bone. Survive the perils this land has to offer and perhaps, just maybe, you'll leave richly rewarded for you effort.

Beneath the mountains of Terel lies the tunnel-riddled realm of Sybarus. The maze like Utterdark provides a unique blend of danger, magical mystery, and culture. Here, one can find extraordinary creature comforts alongside deadly elegance and grace. Can you follow the law of the land and still exercise your freedom? Or will the hunter become the hunted... Of course you could always forget about all that and instead visit to simply enjoy a hot cup of relaxing Kahve at the Bazaar.

A swashbuckling land of travellers, sailors and warriors. Explore the long golden beaches and dig for treasure among shells, coconuts, and driftwood. However beware of the bands of Kargish warriors who roam the lands, making sure the local guards in the city of Gont are always on high alert. Earthsea is an excellent place to take that next step once your skill as an adventurer is beyond Sparkle and it's dangers, but be sure you learn how to duck before you learn how to fight or you'll probably end up on the first ship back - or worse!

Light and Darkness. Darkness and Light. Amazing beauty. Horrible evil. Emerald, a land of stark contrast. Wander around in stunned silence as you take in the wonderful and peaceful elven city of Telberin. It's hard to believe that just one short ferry away lies the northern wilderness where the elven guards fight a futile battle against the colossal ogres of the Army of Darkness. Impressive physical specimens in combat, they stomp first and ask questions never.

The greenest of rolling plains and vast countryside, where hidden heroes of the dawn emerge raising Celtic arms to battle forces seen and unseen. A place where masters of the blade dwell in lore and mystery. And just a ship away lies Cadu and its exotic capital of Re Albi. Visit the magnificent castle, search for treasure on the beaches and swim to the volcanic island of the elements. Or explore north of the town to find unique wildlife, maze-like forests and breathtaking mountains. There is much hidden and much to be revealed in the lands of Khalakhor.