Craft guilds allow members to participate in some hobby or trade that develops skills that typically do not directly involve or support combat. All three craft guilds are walk-up-and-join and do not require an application. However both the smiths and gardener guilds require completion of a small task in order to become a member.


Gardeners of Gont

The Gardeners of Gont is a craft guild focused solely on horticultural activities.

The main intent of the guild is to encourage heightened mortal interest in the physical activity of herbing, and Gardeners excel in finding and identifying the hundreds of different herbs found in Genesis.

Type: Craft or Layman.
Location: Gont, Earthsea.

Mariners of Genesis

In the port city of Kalaman, one may train their skills as a craftsman mariner, chartering personal ships to sail the high seas.

Engage in sea battles, search for hidden treasure, and explore underwater ruins. Adventure abounds, and the seas hide many things fell and fantastic.

Type: Craft or Layman.
Location: Kalaman, Ansalon.

The Smiths Guild

The Blacksmiths is a craft-style guild for those who love forging weapons and armours. Their main guildhouse is located in Bree, west of Mithlond in Middle Earth.

Blacksmiths can forge many types of weapons, including polearms, axes, knives, swords, and clubs. They can also forge most types of armours except for shields. Because forging is difficult work, you can expect to spend a lot of time forging the same item over and over before becoming proficient at it. As a Blacksmith you will also get several useful abilities such as finding whetstones for sharping weapons, and inspecting weapons and armours to learn more about them.

Because of their popularity, there are forges spread at several ccupational guildhouses. Blacksmiths may at any time use these forges instead of travelling to Bree. They forge using iron bars, leather and ooden poles, which are sold at the forges.

Type: Craft or Layman.
Location: Bree, Shire.